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Watch Jennifer Coolidge’s 2022 Emmys dance moment

Watch Jennifer Coolidge’s 2022 Emmys dance moment

Jennifer Coolidge knew her Emmy Awards win was a “once-in-a-lifetime thing,” so she was going to relish her moment.

Coolidge, who played the grieving Tanya McQuoid on HBO’s “The White Lotus,” won the Emmy for supporting actress in a limited series or TV movie on Monday night.

“What a night,” said Coolidge as she took the stage to accept her award, after greeting the audience with her signature “hi.”

After acknowledging that it was incredible just being in the company of her fellow nominees — including her “White Lotus” castmates Connie Britton, Alexandra Daddario, Natasha Rothwell and Sydney Sweeney, as well as Kaitlyn Dever and Mare Winningham of “Dopesick” — Coolidge shared that she had taken “a lavender bath tonight, right before the show.”

“It made me swell up inside my dress, and I’m having a hard time speaking,” she added.

But before Coolidge could deliver any more hilarious anecdotes, the Emmys showed they are serious about keeping the show moving in a timely manner and making sure winners wrap things up quickly.

As Coolidge was thanking “White Lotus” producers and members of her team, it was clear the teleprompter was giving her the cue to move along.

“Hold on,” said Coolidge. “Wait, hold on.”

When subtlety didn’t work, the Emmys started to play music to try to shoo Coolidge off the stage. But Coolidge proved she is adept at adapting, because she just started dancing rather than ceding her time. Unfortunately, her performance and speech were still cut short.

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